Vision, Mission, Objectives


Mansoura University aims to be a leading university in both educational and research majors with a competitive advantage and global rating.


Upgrading the university system:
1- To reach the international quality criteria and the standards of excellence
2- To be able to compete and meets the needs of the community
3- Contributes effectively in solving problems, and reaching the future aspirations.


1- Make the graduate capable of innovation and competition in the labor market.
2- Conducting scientific researches in various fields.
3- Encouraging scientific talents to keep pace with the rapid progress of science and technology and push them to creativity and innovation.
4- Developing the educational programs in light of local, regional and global criteria.
5- Spreading the culture and ethics of scientific research.
6- Directing scientific research to deal with the issues of the Egyptian society.
7- Developing research plans of faculty members in the light of the strategic objectives of each college
8- Assessing the current situation and developing policies of preparation of research plans according to strategic objectives for scientific research.
9- Expanding in financing scientific research from the sectors and beneficiaries
10- Supplying students with the latest knowledge and modern technology sources to develop their abilities in innovation, leadership and self-learning, teamwork and competition.
11- Creating a database of published research.
12- Organizing conferences and public lectures at the university
13- Collecting all the contributions of faculty members.
14- Supporting colleges and institutes of the university to qualify for accreditation.
15- Deepening the relation between the university and the community.


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