The Culture relations administration

It is specialized in the following:

- Participation in the preparation of the mission plan.
-Travelling and following-up of the missions' members and their vacations through reports received from mission offices.
- Organizing how to receive advantages from the scholarships that are provided by governments and universities.
- keeping all information of the members of missions and preparing the reports.
- Supervising on the preparation and implementation of cultural agreements with the others universities and the othersscientific institutions.
- Working to develop cultural relations with different universities that are outside the country.
- Coordinating the use of professors and experts while they are in the corresponding scientific departments.
- Organizing the conferences and participating in them.
- Receiving the proposals for applications of cultural relations and respond to them.
- Implementation of decisions of the Graduate Studies and Research Council in the cultural relations.
- Reviewing the affairs of cultural relations, scholarships and holidays in order to ensure the safety of work and procedures.

The Culture relations administration includes:

1. The Exchange and cultural activity
2. The missions and scholarships




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