Workshop for young doctors and scientific research

On Sunday, 25 August 2019, in coordination with the Continuing Medical Education Unit and the Human Resources Development Unit, the first day of a workshop for young doctors and scientific research was held.




Sponsored By: -

Dr. Nisreen Salah Omar - Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development and Acting Dean of the College

Dr. Mostafa Shalaby - Director of Continuing Medical Education Unit

Dr. Rania Bahriz - Director of Human Resources Development Unit

Attended the opening session of the workshop: -

Dr. Ashraf Hafez - Vice President for Post Graduate Studies and Research

Dr. Tamer Abou El Saad - Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research

In the presence of a number of distinguished and distinguished professors in the fields of research and scientific publication

Dr. Ahmed Choucair

Dr. Mohamed Azmy Khafagy

Dr. Hossam El Feky

There were 50 participants from different stages and disciplines of his request, teaching assistants and teachers