Workshop to discuss the Egyptian reference genome project

Holding the Post Graduate Studies and Research Sector at the University held a workshop on the Egyptian reference genome project at the Faculty of Science headed by Prof. Ashraf Hafez, Vice-President of the University, 


lectured by Dr. Saleh Ibrahim, Professor of Genetics, Lubeck University, Germany and Prof. Mohamed Salama - Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine Mansoura.

The workshop was attended by Prof. Mohamed Ghoneim, Professor of Kidney and Urology and former Director of the Kidney Center, Dr. Adel Junaidi, Dean of the Faculty of Science, Dr. Osama Al-Ayan, Vice-Dean for Post Graduate Studies and Research and a large number of university professors and researchers.

Dr. Saleh Ibrahim talked about the beginning of the project, the steps taken in this project, the obstacles and challenges faced by the research team, the outputs of the project and its exploitation in health applications in Egypt.

Dr. Mohamed Salama assured on the future opportunities based on the results and how the research group can develop based on the results and applied clinically in the future to benefit the patients and the Egyptian society, as all Egyptians have their own genetic code similar to each other while differing in different proportions from other peoples of the earth and pointed out that this research opened the field for world scientists to detect the diseases of Egyptians and how to treat them with special treatment protocols to produce faster and better results in treatment as the whole world is turning to individual and personal treatment of the patient.

He explained that we can already identify the disease before it occurs through genetic scanning and thus search for prevention before the emergence of the disease.