Call for membership of national committees

The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology seeks to include a group of elite scientists from universities and research centers for the membership of the National Committees.

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The National Committees organize local, regional and international scientific conferences, seminars and workshops in their field of specialization. It also cooperates with the formations of the Academy of Scientific Research in preparing specialized technical studies as well as providing technical advice in the field of specialization.

The composition includes 15 professors, scientists and experts from universities, research centers and scientific bodies specialized in the field of work of the committee. The percentage of youth should representation (less than 40 years) in the membership of the committee and not less than 25%, preferably at least one of the members working in one of the industries or national institutions or non-governmental institutions associated with the specialization.

It is preferable that the formation include scientists members from the corresponding international federations or committees.

Applications will be submitted through the official website of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology.


-- Only one of the advertised committees will be considered for membership. Any further registration will be canceled after the first registration.

-- The Academy shall take into consideration that the formation includes all branches of specialization for each committee (all specialties).

-- In the case of equality in advanced scores with another take into account females and youth representation and geographical distribution to represent all governorates of the Republic.

-- Applicant's data can be modified up to the end of registration.

To inquire and communicate by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To apply for the membership of the following committees, please fill in the application form and attach your CV.

Committees to be members:

National Committee for Soil Science

National Committee for Geological Sciences

National Committee for Terrestrial Nature and Land Measurements

National Committee for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

National Committee for Oceanography and Fisheries

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