Call for attending the first event of the Projects' Cafe' Series

The National Erasmus+ Office - Egypt, cordially invites you to attend the first event of the Projects' Cafe' Series that will be held in


Royal Hall, Hilton Hotel, Sidi Beshr, Corniche, Alexandria on Thursday 10/10/2019

The event aims at enhancing the visibility of the Capacity Building Projects and giving the opportunity to face-to-face communication with projects' teams in a cafe friendly setup during the event.

The event will have honored with the participation of Prof. Youhansen Eid, Head of NAQAAE as a member of the Higher Education Reform Experts Group (HEREs - Egypt) with a talk about "Competence-Based Learning" during the Projects' Cafe event.

Online Pre-registration is MANDATORY before attending the event, non-registered attendees will not be allowed, please visit the link below for registration (deadline for registration is 7 October 2019, 16:00):